Low Cost Nationwide Deposition Reporting Services

Transcript on Demand uses powerful AI software and highly skilled reporters to create a nearly 100% accurate transcript 



  • Up to 30% below existing deposition reporting service pricing 

  • Radically simple, all-inclusive business model: Pay per page or pay per job 

  • No additional fees for PDF files, processing content or handling exhibits 

  • Remote depositions made simple and scalable to eliminate attorney’s travel time 


StoryCloud is a tremendous cost savings for us and our clients. 

“We are delighted with the real-time streaming and fast turnaround for media. We are and will be using their services for many more depositions!”

— Partner

Super helpful to know cost upfront.

“Super helpful to know cost upfront – it allows me to budget for each case accordingly.”

— Managing Partner

We love working with StoryCloud!

“StoryCloud is consistently a pleasure to work with. They have amazing customer service!”

— Legal Assistant

Transcript on Demand Scheduling

To obtain a quote or receive more information about StoryCloud deposition reporting services, please email info@storycloud.co or call (866) 787-6774.

To schedule StoryCloud for your next deposition, simply email a copy of the notice to calendar@storycloud.co and a confirmation will be sent back to you. Or, you may click on the “Schedule” button below and email a copy of the deposition notice to calendar@storycloud.co.

Requests for deposition reporting services will be confirmed within 24-48 business hours.