StoryCloud Building World’s First AI Machine-Learning Deposition Service for Litigators

Innovative technology delivers a nearly 100% accurate certified transcript

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 20, 2019 – StoryCloud, the leading provider of low-cost, nationwide litigation reporting and legal videography services, is building the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) machine-learning deposition service for litigation.

StoryCloud uses verbatim audio testimony from participants, with multiple backup systems, to record the deposition. Once recorded, the audio file is processed by thousands of computers and powerful AI software to produce a 99% accurate rough draft. StoryCloud’s innovation solves many of the issues of the 20th-century transcription industry by creating an entire network-centric turnkey platform.

“We are changing both the technology and the business model of court reporting,” said Ken Kalb, CEO of StoryCloud. “Our AI machine-learning deposition transcription service is an end-to-end solution for litigators that does scale.”

StoryCloud also offers a legal videography service, which is more than twice as reliable as any other service provider through the use of concurrent on-site and cloud-based videographers. StoryCloud's remote live streaming feature allows attorneys, clients, general counsel or other individuals involved in the case to view the live testimony video. Content can then be downloaded immediately after the deposition.

About StoryCloud
Founded in 2014, StoryCloud has developed the legal industry’s first Transcript on Demand service for litigators. Using highly trained digital reporters in concert with powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning software, the platform enables litigators to dramatically reduce the cost of a deposition transcript by as much as 30%. StoryCloud uses a unique process with scalable technology enhancements that accelerate the accuracy of the transcript. StoryCloud’s revolutionary business model radically simplifies how deposition services are consumed by attorneys. For more information, visit

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