StoryCloud Launches Legal Video Deposition Subscription Service by Dana E. Neuts, Subscription Insider

Depositions are recorded and saved to the cloud so they are available immediately.

StoryCloud, a real time video and content deposition service, is using the subscription model to launch a new “all-you-can-eat” legal video deposition subscription service. With the StoryCloud platform, attorneys can record and live stream depositions, with high quality audio and video. The recordings are saved to the cloud, so the content is immediately available and can be accessed from anywhere.

Phillips Legal Services Court Reporting in Sacramento is one of the first clients to test the service.

“StoryCloud’s amazing platform and service is unobtrusive and produces amazing video at a fraction of traditional videography costs…It was an easy decision to sign onboard,” said Phillips Legal Services founder Tom Lange.

StoryCloud, which has been around since 2014, provides a platform for secure, encrypted content and video depositions with or without a videographer. When a videographer is not used, an iPad tablet is set on a small tripod several feet away from the person being deposed. A StoryCloud app preloaded from the Apple store captures high quality audio and video of the deposition. Microphones can be plugged into the iPad for better sound.

Here's how it works:

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Source: StoryCloud

“StoryCloud is thrilled to be offering a fantastic value model to court reporting companies and firms throughout the US seeking to utilize video depositions to its maximum capacity when traditionally high costs of video deterred consistent use,” said Ken Kalb, CEO and co-founder, in a statement. “We are democratizing the use of video depositions for all cases -- big or small.”

“We are delighted to introduce the new subscription model to encourage the legal industry to utilize our technology and services to better serve their clients and cases. The mission is to democratize the video deposition industry to scale so that any case can utilize video, regardless of budget or size,” Kalb added.

A representative from StoryCloud told us the subscription pricing is customized, based on the average number of depositions a court reporting agency or law firm holds per month. The average cost per month will be $1,200 to $1,500. The terms are month-to-month, so there is no long term contract, but 30 days notice is required for cancellation.

According to the StoryCloud website, its standard pricing for half-day videotaped depositions ranges between $300 to $400 and a full day ranges between $600 to $700 per deposition. Additional fees apply for remote live streaming, immediate online access, video/text synchronization, etc.

Insider Take:

With three patents issued and a dozen more pending, StoryCloud has a history of innovation. For court reporting agencies and law firms that do dozens of depositions a month, the subscription makes sense. This is another example of how the subscription model can improve accessibility and encourage innovation by making products and services available to more end users.

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