StoryCloud Announces Launch of Flagship Video Streaming for Fleischer & Ravreby

SAN DIEGO, CA (January 12, 2017) StoryCloud, the leading provider of real time video and content deposition services for litigation, has launched its flagship video deposition product which records and streams live video depositions to the cloud, making the content immediately available the moment the deposition is complete.

"StoryCloud brings innovation and automation to litigation and more importantly brings an extraordinary benefit to attorney and clients by enabling cost efficient solutions for litigation parties, immediate access for attorney collaboration, and peace of mind with security and encrypted streaming to the cloud," said Ken Kalb, CEO and co-founder.

San Diego based family law attorney Myra Chack Fleischer, CFLS, lead counsel and owner of law firm Fleischer & Ravreby, is among StoryCloud's clients who has adopted its innovative application of technology to provide more convenient services at lower cost to her clients. "StoryCloud's real time video deposition streaming service produces professional results at a reduced cost of only $400. Attorneys interested in providing savings to their clients on video deposition fees with quicker turnaround should explore this option. I can't endorse StoryCloud strongly enough."

Founded in 2014, StoryCloud has developed an industry leading content publishing platform with security, encryption and permissions. With 3 patents issued and 9 patents pending, the platform is ideally suited for any litigation practices that require ease of use, search and content management for video depositions. The platform empowers litigators and their teams to rapidly find documents and/or transcripts and tag important video content. It also enables them to review multiple video depositions and to annotate them with comments. Ultimately, the service is provided at a fraction of the current video deposition costs, enabling attorneys to use video in the majority of cases for better and more efficient litigation.

"We are delighted to be working with such extraordinary clients and eager to continue engaging many others in the legal industry to utilize our technology and services to better serve their clients," said Ken Kalb. "The mission is to revolutionize the video deposition industry to scale and also enable attorneys to provide their clients with the highest level of service while maintaining litigation budgets costs."

About StoryCloud
StoryCloud is the leading provider of video deposition services for litigators. The platform streams secure and encrypted content to the cloud making it immediately available to any credentialed participant at a fraction of the current cost. With three patents issued and a dozen more pending, the company provides easy to use video depositions with and without on site videographers.

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About Fleischer & Ravreby
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