Who is StoryCloud?
StoryCloud is the leading provider of low-cost nationwide digital deposition reporting and legal videography services.  

What is the difference between StoryCloud and a traditional court reporting agency?
StoryCloud uses a redundant series of computers and powerful artificial intelligence (AI) software  to capture the audio testimony instead of using a traditional stenographic recording device. Moreover, StoryCloud uses highly trained digital reporters who are notaries to administer the oath, handle exhibits, and provide real time playbacks of the proceedings when requested.

By utilizing computers, AI software and highly trained people, StoryCloud can provide extremely accurate transcripts and new work products at a lower cost.  For example, StoryCloud offers an extremely inexpensive “no write” rough draft with 95% accuracy the day after the deposition to help facilitate case settlement.

Moreover, StoryCloud charges extremely reasonable copy sale rates for multi-party cases such as construction defect matters.

What is StoryCloud’s Transcript on Demand Service?
Transcript on Demand is a suite of new low-cost digital transcript products that enable attorneys and carriers to choose the type of work product transcript that they need, when they need it. With StoryCloud, clients can pick the right product solution for their pending legal matter. Importantly, clients are not paying for work products that they don’t need. Historically, attorneys have been forced to purchase a certified transcript for all of their cases. Alternatively, StoryCloud provides a menu of products that include:

  • An extremely inexpensive “no write” rough draft that is 95% accurate and is used to settle the majority of cases quickly and efficiently.  It is provided the day after the deposition.

  • A moderately inexpensive scopist certified 99% accurate transcript that is delivered approximately 8 to 10 business days after the deposition.

  • A similarly market priced, shorthand reporter certified transcript that is delivered 8 to 10 business days after the deposition if required by applicable civil procedure code.

  • A reasonably accurate, software driven, real time speech-to-text stream provided over the internet during the deposition.  This service presents as a familiar, highly readable chat session to the viewer and is available as an add-on to parties in any deposition.

Can an attorney choose to use the low cost “no write” rough draft option and then later order a certified transcript?
Yes, StoryCloud maintains all audio and video files for seven years and any party can order a certified transcript at any point in the legal process.

How long will it take to get a certified transcript?
As a general rule, it takes about 8 to 10 business days to produce a certified transcript from the date it is ordered, but can also be expedited in most instances for an additional fee.

Can an attorney expedite the certified work product deliverable?
Yes, an expedited work product can be delivered.  However, like traditional court reporting agencies, this process is labor intensive and there are premium costs incurred. Expediting charges are in line with standard industry practices and range from 20% to 50%.

How much does the service cost?
It is usually about 20% to 30% less expensive than traditional stenographic court reporting services.

How does Transcript on Demand work during the deposition?
A well-trained and qualified digital reporter, who is also a notary and authorized by the state, administers the oath to the witness.  The digital reporter also operates the computer equipment, which is entirely supplied by StoryCloud and records the audio/video testimony.  The reporter also handles the exhibits and provides playback of the testimony when asked.

How are witness playbacks performed during the deposition?
StoryCloud has created a proprietary playback software application called Depos Audio, that uses computers to record the audio, then quickly jumps to the requested question or section of the proceedings to playback. Often requested as a “readback” by an attorney or the deponent, the digital reporter simply plays back the appropriate section.

What is the standard turnaround time to deliver a final certified transcript?
Within 8 to 10 business days, StoryCloud produces an extremely accurate certified transcript of the testimony which is delivered electronically to the taking party. Opposing counsel is notified and can choose to receive a copy as well.

Can the text of the deposition proceeding be streamed in real time to multiple participants?
Yes, the speech-to-text feed can be streamed. The content can be viewed on any computer or internet-enabled device through the web browser.  An additional fee for this service may be charged.

How is the oath administered?
The StoryCloud digital reporter who is also a certified state notary, swears in the deponent and officiates the deposition proceedings. 

How do I interact with the content that has been created from the deposition?
StoryCloud provides an easy to use and searchable content viewer hosted on a web portal that is accessible with a user's credentials.  Content can be searched by an attorney’s name, case number, firm name, legal matter, date, deponent name and almost any other criteria from the case.  The content viewer is independent of any operating system and can be viewed through any web browser.

What are the work product deliverables and services that StoryCloud provides?

StoryCloud produces the three basic work products:

  • “No-Write” / non-finalized transcript

    • Next day rough draft export

    • Audio recording file (MP3) and rough draft ASCII file

    • Easily readable, can be searched, with formatting similar to that of a chat session or closed captioning feed

    • Extremely inexpensive

    • Electronic delivery

  • Final transcript with scopist certification

    • 8 - 10 business day turnaround

    • Scopist certified

    • Less expensive

    • Electronic delivery with multiple file formats (PDF, minuscript, E-transcript, ASCII file)

  • Final transcript with CSR Certification

    • 8 - 10 business day turnaround

    • CSR certified if required by state civil code of procedure

    • Similar market pricing

    • Electronic delivery with multiple file formats (PDF, minuscript, E-transcript, ASCII file)

  • An optional real time speech-to-text stream available during the deposition which can be viewed from any web browser both locally in the deposition room or remotely

StoryCloud can also provide the legal videography for depositions. When ordered, the video from the deposition is delivered electronically as an MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or text/video synch. Please visit https://www.storycloud.co/video for more details.

How is read and sign handled for Transcript on Demand proceedings?
For depositions reported by StoryCloud, the opportunity for the witness to read and sign the transcript applies only in those instances in which the deposition is fully finalized and a certified transcript is produced.  The process of read and sign operates in the same fashion as attorneys are accustomed as dictated by the rules of civil procedure for the jurisdiction in which the case is venued.  The certified transcript will be distributed to the appropriate parties and the witness given notice of the allowable 30-day period in which to read the transcript, execute the declaration and complete the errata page. The signed declaration and errata pages should then be emailed to depos@storycloud.co for processing, inclusion in the Original transcript, delivery of the Original sealed transcript to the ordering party and copies of the read and sign pages distributed to all parties.

Does StoryCloud index keywords and exhibits?
Yes. A word and exhibit index accompanies all final certified transcripts. 

Does StoryCloud store the audio/video, transcript and exhibit content and for how long?
Yes, StoryCloud maintains the content for a minimum of seven years including exhibits. The charge is $25.00 for maintaining all records per case.

Do you have a sample stipulation agreement that can be shared with opposing counsel on the use of StoryCloud’s Transcript on Demand service?
Yes, please reach out to info@storycloud.co and we will share the appropriate document with you. 

How much does it cost for opposing counsel to use Transcript on Demand?
Some state laws specifically dictate pricing, but as a general rule, the cost will be similar to the rate charged to the taking party and is dependant on the work product that is ordered.

Do I need an internet connection?
In the ideal world, yes, an internet connection with at least 5Mbps upload speed is preferred, but not essential.  However, internet connections do fail during the proceedings.  StoryCloud can record on local devices without the internet.  Importantly, part of our procedure is to bring a separate MiFi device to establish a separate intent connection if necessary. 

In the event of a complete lack of internet service we still record the deposition and the session proceeds.

What happens if there is no internet connection?
Multiple devices are used to capture the audio and video, regardless of having an internet connection.

What happens if the power fails during the deposition?
The digital reporter brings a small handheld, battery driven digital recorder to insure no audio of the testimony is ever lost during the deposition. 

Can I choose to use only deposition digital reporting services or only legal video services?
Yes.  Pricing is available on our website at storycloud.co for both services.

Can I conduct a remote deposition using only deposition digital reporting services?
Yes.  Remote depositions can be performed by a remote StoryCloud digital reporter at a location apart from the location of the taking attorney.  A telephone conference bridge setup by StoryCloud allows all parties to participate via phone and speech-to-text feed can be streamed to a remote attorney's computer.

What happens in the event that attorneys begin to speak over one another during the proceedings?
StoryCloud digital reporters are specifically trained on the etiquette of depositions and in those instances in which attorneys begin to speak over one another or out of turn, the reporter is responsible for helping to maintain order and politely informing the participants to speak one at a time.

Describe StoryCloud’s security approach.
We’ve designed our platform, policies and procedures from the ground up to ensure the security of all content we record, create, and administer on behalf of our clients. The overarching objectives of our data security posture are to ensure that data can be accessed only by the people who have a right to do so, that our stored data is consistent, accurate and trustworthy from the moment it’s created until it’s destroyed, and that people who have the right to access the data can do so at all times. 

To meet these objectives, we apply a number of industry-standard technical controls, including: strong authentication and role-based access controls at the platform and application levels; platform and application event logging and monitoring; strong encryption of all recorded content and deposition data in transit, and of all recorded content at rest; real-time replication of recorded content to a geographically redundant storage site, and hourly backups of all deposition data.

What future innovations will StoryCloud be bringing to the marketplace?
Sometime in 2020, StoryCloud will be introducing portable wireless digital microphones with an embedded AI engine.  Next year, StoryCloud will also be introducing certified transcripts on a per page basis.

How do I engage with StoryCloud to utilize the service?
Simply send a copy of the notice to calendar@storycloud.co or you can call the scheduling team at (866) 787-6774.  For answers to further questions, please send an email to info@storycloud.co.

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