“StoryCloud’s video deposition platform produces video with fantastic quality, assured security, and at a fraction of traditional videography costs. I strongly endorse StoryCloud. It was an easy decision for me and my team to sign on for the service.”

— Partner

"Short story, Storycloud does the video portion of the deposition.  There are no “tapes to change” in the middle of a depo.  There is a very quick set up/takedown time (e.g. less than five minutes… they record the depo on an iPad mini and a central mic on the table…it is genius.  No wires, etc).  I have had the Storycloud videographer beat me out of the depo room on several occasions…the takedown is that fast.  You can get your video synch’d to the transcript just like any other video service.  But the other great thing is you can have your video emailed to you the SAME DAY as the depo if you wish.  They literally can email it right over to you.”

– Trial Attorney

“StoryCloud directly led to a great settlement for my client in a very contentious case. The professionalism and price made video possible in a case where video would have been out of our budget. I strongly believe that we solicited more truthful testimony thanks to StoryCloud. Additionally, my partner in the office was able to watch the deposition remotely and provide critical feedback that directly impacted the quality of the depositions. I cannot recommend StoryCloud enough and I will be using them on all my cases.”

— Business and Real Estate Attorney

“[The attorney] was so pleased with how the deposition and video-taping went yesterday. [The videographer] was very professional and knew exactly what he was doing. We will for sure being using your services again for future depositions.”

– Law Clerk

“I just used Storycloud for the first time. Where has this been my entire career? No distracting wires and intimidating cameras. Simple. Straight-forward. And the turn-around was unbelievably prompt.”

— Attorney

“StoryCloud is a tremendous cost savings for us and our clients. We are delighted with the real-time streaming and fast turnaround for media. We are and will be using their services for many more depositions!”

— Partner

“The small footprint and easy to manage video equipment is fantastic. No more lapel mics tethering you to the table and heavy video equipment. Simple and efficient! We LOVED working with StoryCloud and will definitely continue to use StoryCloud for all our video depositions going forward.”

— Attorney

“We have been very happy with StoryCloud. The quality of videos is much higher than the service we were using previously, and the turnaround is much quicker. I also have to say that StoryCloud’s customer service exceeds my expectations every time. I always receive nearly instant responses to any emails that I send and I like that the team checks in with me regularly to see if I have any questions or concerns with their services. Everyone is very nice and seems to genuinely want to provide a great service.”

— Legal Assistant

“I think that the quality of the videos and the speed with which they are available are great and on the whole communication pre-deposition has been fantastic.”

— Paralegal

“StoryCloud’s team is amazing and the inexpensive price of the videos makes using the video for every deposition a reality. It’s great to know I can get a quality product and amazing service in any city my deposition is in. I strongly promote Video by StoryCloud.”

— Attorney

“I am happy with the service, intend to continue to use it and intend to continue to recommend it to all I know.”

— Attorney

“StoryCloud is consistently a pleasure to work with. They have amazing customer service! I always know that I am easily able to get in contact with them for any last minute scheduling or scheduling changes that may occur. The cost and quality of the video makes StoryCloud a frequently requested service by attorneys in my office. We love working with StoryCloud!”

— Legal Assistant

“StoryCloud’s very innovative approach to taking a video deposition allowed my clients to observe and provide input into a deposition real time from the comfort of their out-of-state office, without the hassle and cost of travel. Couple that with the cost-savings for the actual services offered by StoryCloud and their professionalism, it makes it an easy decision to rely on them for future depositions.”

— Shareholder

“StoryCloud is the best. They are not only professional, they are very responsive. They get the job done and are the lowest priced around. I would highly recommend using them for your videographer needs.”

— Senior Paralegal

“We highly recommend StoryCloud based on the cost, fast turn-around, cutting edge technology, and inconspicuous videographer at the deposition. With StoryCloud, there’s no reason NOT to video every deposition. We highly recommend their services.”

— Attorney

“Super helpful to know cost upfront – it allows me to budget for each case accordingly.”

— Managing Partner

“I have used and can highly recommend the StoryCloud video deposition service. It is an inexpensive, secure, and easy to use video deposition service ideally suited for civil litigation, whether personal injury, employment, insurance or family law. StoryCloud significantly cuts the cost of video recording while increasing the quality and availability of the final product. There is no reason not to use them for every deposition you take.”

— Owner

“We loved the service, the quality of the video, as well as the pricing. The turnaround time was weeks less than traditional service and our clients appreciate the cost savings obtained by leveraging this new technology. We will continue using StoryCloud for all of our future videotaped depositions.”

— Managing Shareholder

“Video adds tremendous value to our cases — allowing our attorneys to prepare for trial knowing how a witness will present, while providing us the ability make the best presentation of our cases during mediation and in formal demands. For years we have wanted to record every deposition, but the cost has always been prohibitive. StoryCloud changes that by leveraging the latest technology available.”

— Litigation Support Specialist

“My very first experience with StoryCloud told me that this is the BEST way to go for ALL video deposition needs. James, my videographer, was very knowledgeable, and professional. He explained how the sound and camera system were the best in terms of both video and sound quality. No more clip on microphones too, and more room to move around without a bulky outdated camera system sitting right next to me. I highly recommend StoryCloud for any lawyer’s practice.”

— Attorney

“I’ve used StoryCloud. They are extremely professional and their real time video deposition streaming service is a fraction of the typical costs. If you’re interested in saving your clients $1,000 on each video deposition and getting a quick turnaround, I can’t endorse them strongly enough.”

— Attorney

“The video quality is better than our previous deposition, which was more than $1,100. This is a fraction of the cost and you get it immediately after the deposition.”

— Attorney

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